Another Week gone by…

A busy week of medical appointments for Bob, days with Max, and accounting for me. In between all of these activities, I managed to find a steal deal on a vintage school desk that we are refinishing for Max. As soon as he saw it in the garage, he ran right over and climbed in. It will be perfect for meals and artwork! Only $25 and it is from the 50’s. Could have been my desk in first grade! Before and after pictures will soon follow.

Maxwell made his very first Target run and Home Depot run with Grandma – a tradition steeped in history from Mateo and Marluce. He was very good and sat nicely and waved at people like he was in a parade. He spilled his water on his shirt and does NOT like being wet, so off the shirt came and we found a nice new one to slip over his head. Good thing we were in Target! Had to leave the tag on until we got to the check stand and I tell Max “arms up” and high in the sky go both arms while the clerk scans the tag dangling from his sleeve. Off to Home Depot where we purchased a ginormous planter, soil, a hibiscus, and moss rose for fill in. I have not gardened for 2 years, so was anxious to get started again.

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