a Tribute to Mom’s Kitchen

I love vintage.  I love ALL things vintage.  So, when I saw a 1960’s Frigidaire Flair stove for sale, what else could I do but bring her home with me?  This particular unit is fairly rough!  Going to take quite a bit of elbow grease, a bit of electrical work, priming and painting the cabinet not to mention the amount of time, to get this in perfect up and running shape.
The bottom cabinet doors were removed and are residing in the dumpster.  Today I spent over 2 hours just cleaning the smaller oven.  The results were worth it.  Now, Max is napping and Nana is hopping in a nice hot shower!  Ahhhhhh.
20121122_115142 20121122_115156
          larger oven before cleaning …                                                       smaller oven after!

2 thoughts on “a Tribute to Mom’s Kitchen

  1. I am purchasing a home that has this stove in it. Everything so war works but my hubby and I are at odds as to whether to keep or not. How did you clean it? Thanks


  2. Started at the top – had to paint the top with white Rustoleum. The control glass panel is in excellent condition and needed nothing else than to clean the knobs and windex the glass and Chrome. The ovens are a different story. Took shelves and heating elements out. Used old fashioned SOS pads to scrub all of the chrome inside. The glass doors come apart to clean. Undo the screws and the chrome frame will come out as well as gaskets and both plates of glass. Under the burners was fairly stained, so after washing that, I am lining it with oven liner which will be much easier to clean up spills. Glad everything works on yours. We have to do some electrical for the large oven and the clock and replace one of the large burners. By the way, my Mom had a similiar stove , except in addition to the two glass door ovens, she had a full sized oven where the bottom cabinet is on mine. Enjoy!


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