Retro Restoration … continued

Wow – okay so yesterday was taken up with at least 6 hours scrubbing as clean as a 1960’s range and oven will get.  I don’t think I have used SOS pads for 30 years, but they still get the job done when you have baked on food and who knows what else!!  All in all, she is looking fairly good.  I still need to take the glass doors apart and clean inside and we need to figure out the electrical on the larger oven to get it to work, need one small knob for the clock (also not working), white gloss rustoleum paint on the sides and touch up the paint job on the top and she will be ready to shine with all of the 60’s favorites … mac and cheese … tuna casserole … and, what else – meatloaf!!

But before all of that, gotta refinish the cabinets in what I like to refer to as evolving from 80’s oak to chic shabby chic! 

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One thought on “Retro Restoration … continued

  1. a post script:After removing the oven heating element to clean the large oven, I never thought to check it again to see if it worked. I just did and it does and I am a happy camper!


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