here comes the BRIDE

I have watched this little girl on the soccer field with ponytail swishing back and forth.  I have heard her con big sister into taking her babysitting jobs.  I watched her make silly goo goo eyes at her boyfriend (now fiance).  And now she is a Registered Nurse in DC, an amazing Auntie and soon to be Bride.  So, I was honored when the Bride’s Mother asked me to decorate the card case for the wedding.  I hope this will fit the bill for her more chic than shabby beach wedding in September.
If not, there is nothing that cannot be changed!
07 19 2012 card box back 07 19 2012 card box end 1 07 19 2012 card box top09 16 2012 Card Box & Guest Book designed by Kerri Anne

(The fabric color did not show well in this photo, but is a soft seaform-ish green.)

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