that’s WHAT you missed!

After and in between accounting client duties, I worked on kitchen cabinets and while doing so I added some glass tiles because nobody would expect that and then I finished polishing up the vintage stove

and after and in between working on the kitchen I attended to accounting business and since Megan was arriving in town I completely tore apart the first design of her card case and re-made it with
hand-made paper and charms and distressed but
not too shabby and rather more chic and then
Max came over and spent the night but before
he went to bed we made a Yankee Doodle
Dandy stick with lots of red and white and blue and bells to make noise and a pinwheel to go around and of course last but not least the American flag because I could not find one that was half USA and half Canadian but Max would always resort back to the Wheels on the Bus song instead of Yankee Doodle Dandy and then the next morning he woke me up with a soft little voice saying wake up Nana, the sun in shining and so I did and then he ate breakfast and we played cars and then we played puzzle and then we read two books and then he climbed on my lap and watched videos of himself on my phone and after lunch his Meema and Aunt Megan came over to pick him up for a swimming excursion and then I accounted and laundered and painted and cleaned up and missed Megan’s bridal shower because I chipped my tooth and will not go out of the house until my dental appointment to have it repaired and that’s what you missed on Glee – er, Connie!

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