Happy Birthday Cassandra!

I first met my adorable precocious niece in 1995 at the tender age of 5 1/2.  I had written to her since she was born and senT birthday gifts, but never met her before then.  Cassi is the only child of my deceased brother, Larry.  Larry was always so special to me, so it is no surprise that she stole my heart the moment I saw her.  After that, she spent a week or so with me at our home in Tucson in the summer up until she was almost 13.  I wish there had been more.  But I cherish those summers and the crafts we did and the Gaslight Theatre shows we watched as well as big family dinners, roller skating and every night readings of Junie B Jones.  After bath time, Cassi would curl up at the bottom of our bed and read chapters of Junie B Moon.  She was such a smart little girl and read like a seasoned teacher.  Now she is a beautiful young lady with a child of her own – Oliver James.  He looks a lot like Cassi and a lot like Larry.  Cannot wait to meet him someday and to wrap my arms around my niece.  Until then – Happy Birthday, Cassi.  I love you so much!

August 1999  Tristan and Cassi enjoy a sundae at Little Anthony’s Restaurant! 
August 1999 at the Gaslight Theatre. Popcorn ready and waiting to cheer the hero.
Cassi, er, Cassandra – all grown up! 
Oliver James
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