O Canada

Maxwell is Canadian/American.  His Mommy was born in Canada as well as her sister and her dad.  So, when we moved back to Tucson and spent more time with Max, I taught him to sing “O Canadaaaaaaaa”.  Not all of the words, mind you, as I do not even know all of the words to the song, but just the beginning – with flair!  We would go to Home Depot and in the middle of shopping, he would suddenly belt out “O Canadaaaaaaaaaa” to no one in particular.  He always got a lot of attention for it – and his “O Canada Poppa” was especially pleased.
Tomorrow. with passport in hand,  Max leaves for a trip to Canada with his Mommy Kerri and O Canada Poppa (Chris) and Mamaw (Maggie) to attend a family wedding.  I don’t know why, but I wish I could see him cross the border, if only to see the smiles on the officials faces when they first set eyes on that adorable passport.  It makes my eyes water just to look at it.  I have no idea why.  I am a sucker for cuteness.
Maxwell, you have a wonderful time in Canada and don’t forget to come back to Nana.  Eh?

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