Family Dinners

On the television show, Blue Bloods, the entire tv family enjoys (or not) a family dinner each Sunday after attending Mass.

Emily Gilmore required the attendance of her daughter and granddaughter every Friday evening for dinner.

When I was young, it was understood that Sunday dinner attendance was not just expected, but mandatory.  Not in a bad way – just a fact that Sunday dinner was at 2 pm and we all knew to gather around the table at that time.  Sunday dinners were always the best dinners.  Not only the roast beef or the traditional fried chicken or ham with the skin covered with cloves; but the conversations were lighter and school grades and homework were not mentioned.  Oh sure, the kids still always cleaned up after the big dinners, but, for some reason, we didn’t seem to mind.  And later, around 7 when our stomachs would begin to rumble, the leftovers were almost as good as Thanksgiving.

Well, now we have family dinner night and tonight was our very first one.  And so Poppa grilled chicken on the barby and I made yummy cheesy potatoes and the requisite mac ‘n cheese for Max.  Bob and Jeffry and Kerri and Maxwell found a seat at the table as I got drinks for all.   Abby cooed at her Daddy.  Conversations were varied and peppered with a little voice “excuse me excuse me excuse me” so Max could update us on the latest idea that had popped into his amazing mind.  Afterwards, Max thanks me for making a family dinner!  he melts my heart.  Maybe next Friday will be Italian food!!

This is gonna be fun.

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