Virginia Day ONE

Ricky went to work.  Katia went to work.  Mateo & Marluce went to school.  I worked on accounting and visited with Gloria and generally just got settled.03 15 2013 2

Nearing evening time, Gloria and I left to pick up the kids at their after school program at Majest Martial Arts studio here in Ashburn.  Each day they are picked up by a limo,(Yes, I said limo) from their elementary school and transported to the studio, where they do their homework and then have Taekwondo lessons. Back Camera

The studio is immaculate and there are tables to use for homework and different classes for all ages.  Here are my two little almost black belts (Okay, they are white belts but they have stripes!) getting ready to come home with us.

03 15 2013 1

Stopped at the store on the way home.  Gloria rented the kids a movie, which we all enjoyed, before the kids had their bedtime.

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