Virginia Day TWO

Ricky goes to work.  First day at his new job.

Katia goes to work.

Kids go to school.

I work on accounting and in early afternoon I get the bug to go outside – even though the air is still quite cold and crisp!  I see leaves.  I find a rake.  And three hours later, I find myself finished.  Back inside for a nice hot shower and more accounting.  Ricky picks me up and then we retrieve the kids from Majest. Home so they can change and off we go to Wegmans for pizza and movie night.  Some light grocery shopping afterwards and returning home, we find Katia hard at work on the goody bags for Mateo’s belated birthday party on Saturday morning.  Mateo has made it somewhat of a tradition to be sick on his birthday of February 10th.  This year it was strep throat.  Not sure if he has ever actually celebrated his birthday ON his birthday! 2013-03-15 20.24.482013-03-15 20.24.57

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