4 thoughts on “our new License Plate

  1. That is fabulous. I hope he gets a new kidney soon. I know it sounds strange, but I see people asking for help on Craigslist. Just a thought. What blood type is Bob anyway? Have you thought about asking someone in our family? There must be one of us who comes close. Robyn



    1. Rob, Bob is 0+ and has to have an 0 +/- kidney. Everyone in our family is AB or A or B 😦 He is now on the UNOS listing as well as the VA (Veterans). In about 6 months, he will go to Portland Oregon to the Veterans kidney transplant center to complete all of his testing. He did all of the testing in Virginia for UNOS and now has to complete it again at UMC. He doesn’t mind. Everything is just one step closer. It would be so wonderful IF he could get a kidney and the donor would agree to donate stem cells from his marrow. Then, he wouldn’t have to take the anti-rejection drugs. How amazing would that be? Love you and miss you. Our family HAS to get together soon. I cannot stand being apart for this long!! PS I surprised Bob with the plate.


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