on this day in 2007 …

Tristan came to visit us all the way from Tennessee.  Since we had an earlier invitation to attend Samantha Sherman’s Bat Mitzvah, Jay & Jackie graciously added her to the guest list.  Of course, NO visit from my granddaughter is complete without the traditional let’s shop for something new for you to wear spilling from my mouth.  Tristan picked out the perfect little brown and white cotton dress to wear to the festivities.  Our day began at the breathtaking historic Stone Avenue Temple in Tucson.  This was my first time visit to this temple, and I was in for a real treat.  As soon as we entered, I could feel the history coursing through my veins.  I was truly in awe.  The service was inspiring and Sammy’s tender voice did not waver as she recited the words from the Torah.   After the service, Gramps, Tristan and I retreated to our local breakfast place and had a late breakfast/early lunch.  Conversations with this fourteen year old teenager were always interesting as she shuffled between being a little girl to an old soul.  The same evening, Tristan changed from her dress to a new skirt and blouse, pulled her hair back and got ready for the night of dinner and dancing and celebration at the Hawaiian themed party.

I love this photo of her.  Tristan and her Grandpa Bob (and later on, Gramps) have always had a special relationship.  They know how to make each other laugh.  And isn’t that so important in life?

June 2 2007