Max’s Excellent Park Adventures – Camp Nana 2013 – Tucson Arizona

Max and I decided that for our project Camp Nana 2013, we would explore and review some of the lesser known parks (and we will probably hit some of the well-known ones as well).  Our first adventure took us to Case Park at 9851 E Kenyon Drive.   Just a scant 2.7 mile drive from our home and passing through a subdivision, this beautiful bit of green rises up through the cactus and rocks to present a truly serene area.  I can picture myself on a bench engrossed in a book so the only noise that can break through is the gentle giggles of little ones on the playground.  But I digress. blog 1

The park itself is clean and save for two pieces of litter (a water bottle and a drink cup) there was nary a paper nor doggy poo in sight.  There is a large grassy area in a circle surrounded by trees and some cactus and the walkway to the playground.  Impeccably groomed and just waiting for some bare feet to tickle.  There are various smooth paths: one leading to a nature walk around the reserve and one to the playground and picnic area.  The tables – well, the tables are a whole other story!  They are tiled, but not just tiled.  They are all done in mosaic with an artist’s touch and tell stories of the hummingbirds feeding on a nearby cactus flower and more.  Leave the tablecloth at home and enjoy these unique tables while you picnic.  blog 2The playground is covered in that shock absorbent rubbery recycled stuff and is so cushioned that I daresay I could actually sleep on it.  The playground equipment is in perfect shape.  Of course, there is no way around the burning slides and monkey bars in Tucson – just have to avoid those and climb up to the tower and descend using the plastic “rock” stairs.  There are two sets of swings – one for older kids up to 109!  We opted for the “these are not for babies” swings that were in the shade.  Max was thrilled and giggled about the fact that he was “flying” through the air!  blog 3

What is that I see off the path?  A Butterfly and Hummingbird Sanctuary that is by far the cutest dang thing I have ever seen in a park.  Not only is the gate beautifully constructed showing a butterfly and hummingbird, as well as the sign on the gate to remind us to latch it to deter little hoppity bunnies from going in and eating away on the greens, but ever little inch of the sanctuary itself has been decorated by grownups and kids alike.  Little touches all over the place just to make your heart smile.  Treats for the eye for certain.  page 4

So, if you want a little oasis in the desert, Case Park is where you want to be.  Well done City Parks Department and all the kids who contributed their handprints and artwork!  Well done, indeed.  Max and I give this park adventure a hearty thumbs up!

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