Max’s Excellent Park Adventure #2

Today we ventured out to Terra Del Sol Park at 6700 E Calle Marte, Tucson, AZ 85710.  This is a little park tucked away in an older neighborhood.  Max was very excited when we arrived as the playground equipment was large and colorful and in full view of the street.  No need to wonder where to look for that!  The park is older, so it has huge trees to give shade to the several benches nestled around the playground or in a clump of trees.  A B

This is a beautiful structure and quite large and clean for a family and friends get together.  Surrounded by plants, it makes a really pretty statement.


Max insisted that I climb up the playground equipment and check out the built-in benches and the lookout tower and the tic tac toe game all contained in little nooks and crannies of the structure.   Although the slides were too hot to use, the rest of the toys and treats were just fine, due to a textured coating on some of the railings.


Pretty sure I could curl up on that bench with a good book and enjoy several lazy hours there.

EMax gave the park the thumbs up.  Visitors should know that there are no porta-potties on site.  We were lucky because there was a ladies exercise program going on in the pool area and we could come and go and use the restrooms with no problem.  A fun little park and a new place to enjoy a family picnic!