Camp Nana 2014 …

Max and Abby’s Summer Camp Nana 2014 begins next week.  One day every week in June and July will be dedicated to Camp Nana.  This year will be a bit more structured than the past years.  We will participate in 3 activities each camp day which will leave time for naps and lunches and relaxing time.


CAMP NANA 1 2014


IMAGINATION STATION will allow the kids to help write a story, dress up as a character, or take an imaginary trip!

STORY TOWN will be a great winding down activity with reading stories and relaxing.

JUNKET JOYRIDES  will be time for a “field trip”.  A trip to Pantano Stables to visit with the equine residents.  Or maybe a ride on the train at the Reid Park Zoo after visiting the animals.  Lots of places to choose from in Tucson.

SPLISH SPLASH water play in a kiddie pool.  Fishing for magnetic fishes and just some good old-fashioned splashing around.

ARTIST AVENUE will be the place for finger painting, coloring, clay molding and making fun stuff.

In the CULINARY CORNER, the kids will make family and kid friendly creations.  They may even make a dinner (with Nana’s help) for the family.

TINY TUNES will be the time for Music.  Dancing and singing and playing instruments and even making up a new song will be included.

Camp Nana T-Shirts have been ordered and are on their way – hopefully before the first day of camp!  I am collecting character and fun dress up clothes … New finger paints and Play-Dough and a large roll of crisp art paper are waiting.  Tambourines and a xylophone and some mini-recorders are ready for music making.

Off to Hobby Lobby in the morning for more supplies!