Day 1 of Camp Nana 2014

0dThe activities are set.  Supplies are at the ready.  A picnic table and outdoor umbrella have been added to the living room for the next 2 months.  Shirts were received.  0e

Add a couple of little ones and Camp Nana begins.


First order of monkey business; we visit Culinary Corner and whip up a batch of banana nut mini-muffins. The campers squished bananas and stirred in eggs and oil and Max and I spooned the mixture into the tiny colorful cups.
Made for a delicious morning snack! After an hour of Wet and Wonderful Water Play, (where Maxwell made the world’s largest Ice Cream Cone) 6awe donned dry and fresh clothes and readied ourselves for the next Camp project.

Our Artistic Avenue project was painted handprints and a list of five things that our hands can do. (hug my baby sister … stir bananas … splash in the pool … ) 4c4b


After lunch, it was time for Imagination Station where we built a fort and Maxwell and Abby rough-housed a bit until they giggled themselves out.



Story Time Town took us to reading our new book, “How to Babysit a Grandpa”.  An adorable story that I highly recommend.


With that, I would say that the first day of Camp Nana 2014 was quite the success.  Now, Nana must rest!