Home again.

Albuquerque, while home to the beautiful Sandia Mountains, is not much to enjoy leaving the city toward Tucson.  Mostly sagebrush and little hills that look like a mini-Mount Garfield and the Bookcliffs of Colorado.  Except they are not.  They just do not have the majesty of Mt Garfield.  However, I am content knowing we will see Jeffry and Kerri and our little Maxwell (I always catch myself smiling when I type the name Maxwell – the name fits him so well!) this evening.  I sit here writing of the journey we have taken, listening to my BeeGees and Beatles and Ray Charles – all of the music my hubs made into cd’s for me, all the while announcing that if he had to listen to my music the entire trip, he would stick a fork in his eyeball.  So far so good.  We have traveled over 2300 miles and not a forked eyeball to be had!

I notice as we get closer to Tucson, the hubs foot gets a bit heavier on the gas pedal.  After about 6 hours of driving, we arrive at Jeffry and Kerri’s house and are greeted by a grinning Maxwell, arms opened wide, waiting for Grandma to hold him.  What a welcome sight and totally worth 6 days in a car!

Tonight, relaxing with the kids and grandbaby Max.  Pure heaven.

Colorado became a state on August 1, 1876

I think there is hardly a more beautiful state than the peaks and valleys of Colorado.

Mt Garfield

I still consider Colorado to be my home state. I was born there, attended school there, and lived there for 32 years before moving to Arizona. 5 of the 6 kids in my family were born in St Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction. (Jay was born in Chicago while Mom and Dad moved around with the US Navy. This is where the family gathered for Christmases and Graduations. Jay and Larry have both passed, however, I believe I speak for them as well when I say that Grand Junction is still home. Happy Colorado Day.