day 4 … going home.

So, here we are on the barren highway 85 migrating from the greens and blues of the Sea of Cortez, to our home in Tucson. And, once again, with mixed emotions. I am still child like enough to wonder why I cannot have it all; and what’s more – have it all right now. I thought this trip would be different, somehow. Not expecting all of the rush of emotions, because after all, we had already met the girls and enjoyed their company and just assumed that I would settle comfortably into the role of Abuelita. Not so. The feelings were that of a hungry person at a sumptious buffet. I could not get enough of their smiles, their eyes, and their love. Marluce was as charming as ever. And though my little grandson of three could cause a bit of havoc from time to time; he always would listen to his grandma and often found comfort in her arms when not every toy or ball of or piece of chalk was available at his crying commands of “mia mia mia” (meaning mio mio mio – “mine mine mine”. It is quite difficult for such a little boy to have to learn to share his grandma – let alone all of the good stuff! He’s trying, but it will take time. And sometimes he just does not have the time to spare. There are stacks to be made taller, and art to chalk on the block wall!!

Within the hour, we are now a world away from our daughter and 5 of our grand bebes. So close, and yet so far.

One thought on “day 4 … going home.

  1. I felt the same way as your buffet example. I immediatly wanted to go back just to be around the kiddos. The girls are simply captivating!


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